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In Wellness, we continue our discussion of respect issues. This week we discussed communication skills.  We looked at the different ways that we can be respectful when we speak to and listen to others. Next we looked at bullying as an example of disrespectful behavior. We discussed different types of bullying as well as strategies to deal with it. Students were able to identify adults both at school and outside of school who they can communicate with about bullying. We discussed the use of appropriate strategies to stop bullying as well as the importance of intervention for the person who is doing the bullying.

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Our next unit in Wellness concentrates on  social health.   We begin by discussing the  different types of respect(respect for other’s ideas, respect for feelings, respect for rules, respect for differences and self-respect).  We next look at proper communication in relationships with others, including speaking and listening skills. Then we look at  behavior that is not respectful and focus on bullying.  We look at different forms of bullying, why someone might bully and what are some ways to deal with the situation.  In small groups, students will compose a Public Service Announcement(PSA) on the topic of bullying.
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As we continue our study of nutrition, Grade 5 students are using their knowledge of the Choose My Plate food guidance system to construct a perfect plate  for themselves. Students will utilize the information about the recommended amounts  for each food group.



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Grain, Dairy, Fruit, Vegetables,Protein

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As we begin our study of nutrition, we look at the Choose My Plate Guidance System.   We discuss the food groups(grains, vegetables , fruit, dairy, protein )  From our food,  we get the essential nutrients  needed for energy,  maintenance, growth and repair of our bodies.   On the website, students come up with an individual plan for their daily recommended amounts from each food group based on their age and amount of physical activity. Using the activity sheet, they answers questions about the food groups and choose a variety of foods from each group.

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Healthy habits start with Healthy choices

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In Wellness class this week, we  explored the idea that good health starts with good choices(tie in with common agreements in fifth grade).  Good choices can then lead to good health habits.   We discussed some healthy habits that many of the students already practice, such as good hygiene(including oral hygiene), hand washing, getting regular exercise , getting enough sleep,eating balanced meals and drinking plenty of water( see poster below).




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Next in  Wellness, we begin our discussion of the four components of health.  We start with a discussion of what topics will be covered in Wellness.  See the Wordle below with examples of  what ideas students came up with.   Next, we discuss  the concept of Wellness and that for Wellness to be achieved, you need to have a balance among the four components of health:  physical, social, mental and emotional.











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Welcome to Wellness 5 students and parents!!

A warm welcome to all our new and returning students and parents.   Wellness classes will start on Monday , August 10, 2015.   Grade 5 students will have two Wellness classes each week.  I am looking forward to seeing students in class this week.  Again, welcome and looking forward to a wonderful year of Wellness!!!

Here is a  link to the course outline.  A hard copy will be distributed on the first day of class and should be returned when students attend their next Wellness class.


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Essential Nutrients


In Wellness this week, students are researching the six essential nutrients.


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